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Strange career advice – eat your vegetables

My wife recently connected with an expert in her field in the hopes of getting some career advice. The expert made the point that being a healthy happy human being was a fundamental component of being effective at her job.  The expert asked my wife the common career oriented questions but she also asked about her less-than-stellar eating and sleeping habits. My wife learned the best thing she can do for her career is to get a good night sleep and eat properly.  My wife was already following all the standard career advice. She was working hard, she was constantly trying to get better, she had a great attitude and so on. She was doing everything you’re supposed to do to be a good employee while neglecting some things you’re supposed to do to be a good person.

We’re bombarded with messages about eating right, getting enough exercise, getting enough sleep, and yet few of those messages relate how being well nourished or physically fit or well rested can help you with your career.

The impact on energy level and decision making ability is obvious. But it’s also worth noting that physically fit people are generally considered more attractive in our society.   Attractive people make more money (here) on average than less attractive people. Unfortunate but true.

Sometimes good life advice is also good career advice.

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