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Will work for taxes

In Mexico, artists can pay their taxes with art. It’s an option that has existed since 1957 and has allowed the Mexican government to amass a huge collection of art from some of Mexico’s great artists. The pieces are displayed in museums and loaned out to exhibitions around the world. They are also displayed in government offices. It seems the government is always struggling with finding the right balance between supporting the arts, while continuing to provide the money needed to support essential services. What if instead of providing money the government offered artists the ability to pay their taxes with a work of art? What would that mean for artists?

What if time spent volunteering for a charitable organization could count against your taxes?

What about building schools and roads? What about teaching a class? Acting as a volunteer firefighter? Caring for the ill and the infirm?

Governments are bad at spending money. They over-spend, they are wasteful, they allocate funds politically instead of by need. Maybe there is a chance that society would benefit if it was an option to give back a portion in service rather than money.

In Mexico, artists can pay their taxes with artwork [USAToday.com]

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