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Travelling with the iPad – An Early Review


Battery life: 2 flights. 10 hours. Movies, books, games and music. No charging. Because it’s not your phone, there’s no worry about running the battery completely dead and being without the ability to make or receive a call/email.

Size matters: Not only is the screen beautiful to look at, but the larger size makes watching video a more enjoyable experience than it would be on an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Not too big: It fits in the seat pocket. Want to pause that movie to have a drink or a snack? No problem. Just slide the iPad into the seat pocket in front of you. Want to drift off after reading a few chapters? Same thing. The iPad is a great size for travelling.


The inquisition: At least in this early stage of release (note: I’m in Canada, where the iPad hasn’t even been officially released yet) you can expect a LOT of questions about your device. While the most common question by far is “How do you like it?”, you can also expect to get “Can i hold it?” and “How much did you pay for it?”. Unfortunately, most of the questions will come while you are actually using the device. Be prepared to pause The Na’vi to answer questions.

Case: The Apple Store was sold out of cases when I got my iPad. You’ll want a case. If you’re there and they have them, buy one. You’ll regret not doing it later.

Wi-Fon’t: There was no wi-fi on my flight and while that doesn’t take anything away from the greatness of the device, it was a reminder that there are still a lot of places where wi-fi isn’t available that it should be. It’s also a reminder that I can’t tether my iPad to my iPhone, leaving me to struggle reading webpages not formatted for mobile on a tiny iPhone screen.

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  1. pamela
    April 26, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Hi Michael – this is a great review. I’m going to Philly in 2 weeks and planned to buy one there – where in the US did you purchase yours, and do you find there are any obstacles with being ‘connected’ here in Canada? For example, you can’t buy an IPhone in the US and use it on the networks here…

    • Michael Law
      April 26, 2010 at 7:50 pm

      Thanks Pamela, glad you liked it. A friend of mine brought it up from California for me. It’s the wi-fi only model as the 3G versions haven’t been released yet so no worries about connecting to the Rogers/Bell cellular networks. I did have to setup a US iTunes account in order to be able buy apps and download books. It’s very simple to do, I’ve attached the link below. I followed the directions and it worked perfectly for me.


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