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First day on the job – pretend you just moved in together

Think of the hiring process like ‘dating’ your candidate. There’s no commitment, you’re feeling each other out, trying to see if she is ‘the one’. You’re building a relationship that you hope will not only be long-lasting, but also, mutually beneficial.  Things are going well, you’re both into each other so you decide that you’re ready to move to the next level and you make an offer. An offer to ‘move in with you’. It’s a commitment, a big step up from your current relationship. There are logistics to work out, and costs involved. She will have to give notice on her old ‘place’, but you’re both excited about this new relationship so it’s worth the risk.

Now imagine it’s moving day, and she arrives at your place to find that you’ve made little to no preparations for her arrival. There’s no room for her stuff, you haven’t gotten her a key, the place is a mess and you aren’t there to greet her when she arrives. How do you think she’s going to feel about this relationship that she was so excited about? What do you think her disappointment  is going to do for the potential long-term success of this new relationship? There’s no way anyone would be that un-prepared right?

And yet, we see it all the time when we start new jobs. We show up on the first day of a new job and there’s no computer for us, no email, no phone, or even no desk. We aren’t introduced to the people we’re going to be working with. Nobody takes the time to show us where the washroom or the coffee is. We aren’t made to feel welcome at all and all that goodwill that was generated throughout the hiring process goes right away instantaneously.

It’s an easy problem to avoid. Create a detailed on-boarding checklist that’s followed for every new employee. Be as ready for them on their first day as you expect them to be ready.

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