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Why losers get hired – The Stigma of Uncomfortableness

Every organization out there, big or small has made a bad hiring decision. Some organizations are riddled with B, C and D players. We spend hours crafting interview questions and agendas, we check references, and yet people who aren’t very good continually find ways to get themselves hired. Why does this happen?

Mark Horstmann at Manager-Tools once said that interviewing is about looking for a reason to say no. Unfortunately most people aren’t looking very hard because it’s uncomfortable to do so. When a candidate avoids a question by giving a canned response that doesn’t really answer the question it’s uncomfortable to drill down and MAKE them give us a real answer. When we ask “what are your weaknesses?” and a candidate for a sales position answers “well I’m not very technical so don’t ask me to change the toner.” we don’t press for a real weakness that’s job related and what they are doing to work on it. Putting people on the spot is hard. It’s not something you probably do in your social life, and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us as interviewers.

The good news is that it doesn’t take very much effort to be just a little bit better than every one else. Force yourself to make candidates answer the question that you ask, don’t shy away from making things uncomfortable, and you’ll find yourself with plenty of reasons to say no to someone to whom you might have said yes.

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